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Welcome to Oven Like New The Professional Oven cleaning service. 

At Oven Like New our aim is to bring you the best oven back to new . We only use Bio Friendly products , So no nasty smells ! We work 7 days a week to bring your oven back to its best standard. We have 10 years or oven cleaning experience which  helps us in bring your oven back to new. 

 We will do this buy carrying out the following steps :  

1. We Protect the floor and surrounding area.
2. We will remove the racks and shelves from the oven and place them in the dip tank.
3. Test your oven works by heating it to 150 oc 
4. Clean the inside of the oven.
5. We Will remove the door where possible.
5. Then separate the door glass panels if applicable and clean the door components.
6. Then put the door and seal together and re-hang.
7. Check the seals and the lights and recommend if replacements are required.
8. Remove the racks, pans, and other parts from the dip tank, rinse, dry and return racks etc. to the oven.
9. Clean the exterior of the oven and treat any stainless steel 
10. Clear the site and finish

Why chose Oven Like New to carry out your oven clean 
We use the finest cleaning equipment and products have 10 years experience. Only use bio friendly products so nasty smells, are fully insured.
We do our best to work round you